Dear Valued Customer, We thank you for your support of Quantum Invention's flagship navigation product Galactio. We would like to announce the following: Galactio V8 and Galactio V9 sales of new licenses for retail consumers will end on 31 Dec 2021.

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Seamless Driving Mode Easy

  • Predictive Search

    Smart auto-complete search field improves accuracy of location search and helps you save time.

  • Connected Search

    Access location database of our partners to find any destination that you are looking for.

  • Multi Route Types

    Choose from multiple routing options available such as traffic aware, toll avoidance and shortest path to your destination.

  • Journey Planner

    Need to make multiple-stops en route? Plan a complete route with as many halts on the way as you would like.

Predictive Search

Connected Search

Multi Route Types

Journey Planner


Find the closest and cheapest parking around. With prices for parking lots around your destination laid out, you can easily compare parking options.

Predictive Parking

Plan your parking before you drive. Check availability of parking spaces around your destination in advance and navigate to those lots.

Driver Assistance Features

Driver More Relaxed

Smart Way To Travel

POI Sync

Sync all your favorite locations across different devices
with our new feature. Register all your devices
and we will do the rest for you.

Push to Car

Send an address from your Galactio app to the navigation
system of your vehicle so you don't have to manually type it in.

Software Update

Always be up-to-date. Get notified as soon as
we release a new map or software update.

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