Dear Valued Customer, We thank you for your support of Quantum Invention's flagship navigation product Galactio. We would like to announce the following: Galactio V8 and Galactio V9 sales of new licenses for retail consumers will end on 31 Dec 2021.

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Seamless Driving Mode Easy

  • Turn-by-turn Voice Guidance

    Keep your eyes on the road and stay safe. With timely turn indications and precise distance alerts, you’ll never miss a turn.

  • Junction Views

    Eliminate ambiguity at intersections. Know what complex interchanges look like and the correct lane to take.

  • Map Rotation

    Our two finger map rotation feature helps you sync the orientation of your on-screen map with the direction you are heading in.

  • 3D Landmarks

    To add relevance to the user interface and to enhance the end user experience, we integrate 3D landmarks on your Galactio app to provide a realistic representation of the world.

Turn-by-turn Voice Guidance

Junction Views

Map Rotation

3D Landmarks

Traffic Avoidance Routing

Live Traffic Updates

Stay ahead of others with automatic traffic avoidance, real-time traffic updates and incident alerts. Select a destination and get best routes available or choose to detour when stuck in a jam.

Crowd-sourced Information

Join our community of drivers, who alert you about accidents and road incidents in real time. Share live information along your route and get real-time updates from fellow drivers.

Live Camera View

Plan better: Several routing options with live cameras across the country help you select the most optimized way to your destination. View live traffic conditions and decide on the best route for you.

Offline Navigation

With clear, accurate and high quality interactive maps you can navigate anywhere, even without internet access. With maps stored on your device, using Galactio is both practical and easy so you’ll never get lost again.

Driver Assistance Features

Smart Way To Travel

Hitch A Ride

Never keep anyone waiting, share your location and ETA as you drive. Want friends to pick you up? You don’t need to be a pro to give directions, simply share your location with friends and let Galactio take over.


Personalization features with mapSYNQ. Save your favorite locations and most frequented destinations such as home and office. You can even sync your calendar appointments and navigate to the appointment location with Galactio.

POI Sync

Sync all your favorite locations across different devices with our new feature. Just register your device with us, and we’ll do the rest for you.

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