Download OpenStreetMap

Click on your country/region to download the corresponding map.


Please read the following instructions before you download and install the maps on your device:


Download the map package

  • 1. Download the map package by clicking on the link above the map of the country.

Prepare your device for update

  • 2. Ensure that your device is configured to connect to the PC in Mass Storage mode.
  • 3. Plugin your device to the PC.
  • 4. Go to the device folder on your PC.

Update your device

  • 5. Unzip the map package downloaded from Step 1.
  • 6. Copy the contents from the unzipped package to the NavIQ/Map folder on your device.

Need Help with Downloading?

If you are unable to locate the NavIQ folder on your device, or having other issues downloading the map, please contact Team Galactio at to know instructions for updating your device.


* Download and use of this software and maps constitues your consent to this disclaimer:

“the map data provided by this system is reference only. the user must verify their current location based on the actual conditions. While every effort is made to represent accurate and updated data in the maps, Quantum Inventions does not guarantee that the map data is always current or correct. Quantum Inventions does not warrant or make any representations as to quality, content, accuracy or completeness of the data provided by the community maps. The route plan, voice indication and junction information indicated in this system are recommendation generated routing algorithms with the electronic map database. They are provided for reference only and user must follow actual road conditions. the user is advised to follow local laws and drive safely. Do not operate this system when the vehicle is in motion. The GPS positioning results are provided for the user’s reference only. They sould not affect the actual driving behavior as this system is unable to guarantee accuracy.”

** OSM maps are supported only from V8.15 inwards.

*** OpenStreetMap is open data, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence (CC BY-SA).
Map data (c) OpenStreetMap contributors.